Knucklehead (2022)- Little Engines (forthcoming)
(Short Story. Small town schmuck loses fights on purpose.)

Rolling Thunder (2022)- Miniskirt Magazine
(Short Story. A 90’s summer roller-rink romance.)

Mexico, New York (2022)- Scrawl Place
(Non-fiction. A little travel diary of upstate New York.)

Jesus Christ, Human Relations (2021)- Self-Published
(Short Story. A man pines for an office promotion.)

The Experience Society (2021)- Coffin Bell
(Short Story. Experimental dating for future socialites.)

Saturn in Aquarius (2021)- Self-published
(Nonfiction. Some thoughts on burying my family dog.)

Man and His Kin (2021)- Maudlin House
(Short Story. The death of a theme park owner leaves many in distress.)

Cathode Valley Glassworks (2021)- Blind Corner Magazine
(Short Story. A family in the wastes calls for a specialist to fix their vital machinery.)

Self-Maintenance (2021)- X-R-A-Y
(Short Story. A tenant has a plumbing issue.)

Untitled Baby Genuises Reboot (2021)- Daily Drunk Magazine
(Screenplay. Exactly what it sounds like.)

Three to Five Minutes (2021)- Self-Published
(Flash Fiction. Thirty to fifty feral hogs are happening again.)

Conduit of All Things (2020)- HAD
(Flash Fiction. A haunted Richard Nixon goes for a morning stroll.)

Hobgob (2020)- Deep Overstock
(Flash Fiction. A recent divorcee struggles through quarantine.)

Glass Spectacle (2020)- Deep Overstock
(Short Story. An aging artist sets up a glass box to live inside in a waterfront park.)

Thursday (2019) – Deep Overstock
(Short Story. A man with a terrible memory prepares for his state-scheduled death.)


On The Nature of the Supreme (2021)- Taco Bell Quarterly

A Famine For Hummingbirds & Missing Wisdom (2021)- NO CONTACT Magazine

Heavy Water (2021)- Cease, Cows
*chosen as National Poetry Writing Month Featured Poet (2021 Best of the Net Nominee)

The September of the West (2020)- 433 Magazine

1518 AD (2020)– Deep Overstock

Apis (2019)- Deep Overstock

Rooster’s Song & Vowel Sounds (Two Poems) (2019) – River Heron Review
*Rooster’s Song was nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Poetry Prize

Ignis Sacer (2019)- Cathexis Press

Movement (2015)- Artemis

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